On extraterrestrial instruments we play epic orchestral music like Hans Zimmer, inspired by Vangelis and rocking like Mike Oldfield - Together we call that Sci Fi Music!
Together it is SYNTHONIE!

Christian le Fou

Musitar-Player, Composer, Producer,

Quote: "Hey Program, why can't a cello
play drums?"
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AI, Singer, Choir

Quote: Hello, can anyone hear me?
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Fran Key

Jammy-Player, Composer, Producer

Quote: "Researching alien technology.
Status - Scanning in progress"
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Monty Ryant


Quote: "Change is the essential process
of all existence."
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Quote: "Do it or donΒ΄t do it.
You donΒ΄t have a choice."
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2D Grafic Design, Animation, Sound-Engineer

Quote: "I know what you are thinking, and that is crazy. Unfortunately for us, i like crazy."
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Andy Edge from NOIR/ZERO
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When you meet us at a gig or convention, you are a true SYN.
And we are rewarding our true SYN's, so the space suits (T-Shirts) and our
music (CD's & download code) are much cheaper on the events.
But we also hope that you will follow us on our journey.
Because without SYN's, there is no SYNTHONIE!

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