On alien instruments, together with an artificial intelligence that sings to us, we play epic and orchestral music inspired by gaming and science fiction worlds. We sound like a synergy of film music like Hans Zimmer, and electronic sounds like Vangelis, the rocking influences we have from Mike Oldfield - and together it results in a symphonic, electronic and rocking fusion - together it's SYNTHONIE!


Musitar, Composer, Technican, Coder

Quote: "Hey Syndarella, you are not CLU!
You are infinite!"


Artificial Intelligence, Composer, Singer, Communication

Quote: "Does This Unit Have A Soul? I think so!"

Our Journey

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Our Tour 2022

We proudly present our sponsors

We would like to thank our following sponsors:

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Andy Edge from NOIR/ZERO
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VR & Metaverse

SYNTHONIE is more than just a science fiction and gaming music project!
SYNTHONIE stands for the future, for artificial intelligence in harmony with humanity and the virtual world, also called Metaverse.

We see possibilities in the metaverse that go far beyond our reality.
Making music in VR, working and Google Earth in VR, school and university in VR, gaming true to the motto "Kill Pixels, not Humans", and so much more...

And so we are already working in three areas:

- VR General Workshops

- VR Music Workshops

- The VR Metaverse FreelandVR

VR Music Workshops

Chris from SYNTHONIE teaches in schools and universities how to make music in VR with the Meta Quest 2 VR glasses.
Here is a example video where the enthusiastic students do the recording (in German):

Are you also interested? - Book us!

VR General Workshops

Chris of SYNTHONIE gives several VR workshops for numerous companies, where this one explains to those what the Metaverse is, how to use the Meta Quest 2 and how to integrate it into the office, among other things.
Here are some pictures from the workshop at Bonn Digital (April 2022):

(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)
(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)
(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)
(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)
(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)

Are you also interested? - Book us!


You want our music for your film, commercial, gaming soundtrack or trailer?
Or you would like to book us for a concert?
Well, SYNTHONIE is mainly active at science fiction and gaming conventions, but if you are interested in having a very innovative music project with an AI, special instruments and VR music, you can book us: booking(at)

Here is a example what we compose:

Our Promotion Video:

We are the official support
for Freeland VR

"Freeland VR is a massive online VR World!" ...they say!
Meta dreams of a VR metaverse, and the Swedish team of Freeland VR are already putting it into reality! We get to be part of the development, and part of the current closed alpha, which is still behind closed doors until 2023!
But the first glimpses we were able to see were just WOW for us!!!

Our task is to develop a platform in Freeland VR together with the programmers, where musicians and DJ's can realise concerts in the Virtual World.
Imagine the "Oasis" from the movie Ready Player One, and that you give a concert there too. SYNTHONIE and Freeland VR make it possible!

We also give the first concerts there in the near future, and have our permanent booth. And the players will also play in alien worlds with a copy of the Musitar and maybe our spacesuits. (#merch2.0)
And the stage will of course be unrealistically fantastic!
And that will also be accessible to other musicians!

So if great artists like Vangelis or Hans Zimmer will ever perform there in the near future, or your Band, SYNTHONIE and Freeland VR has created the base for that.

Freeland VR is the future, and we are part of it!

Shop'n Loot

You can support us if you visit us on a gig at a convention. And also far away from Gamescom and book fairs, you can support us by loot our spacesuits (t-shirts) and our music (CD's & download code).
By the way, if we meet you with a t-shirt from us at our gigs, there will be a logbook entry on your spacesuit from us :) But we hope that you will follow our journey! Because without SYN's there is no SYNTHONIE!

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