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SYNTHONIE is a music project that specializes in performing at conventions for fans of gaming, science fiction, and comics. In addition to our music, we also have expertise in artificial intelligence, game development and the Metaverse. Here is a video about us:

We are different from most music projects:
While we are happy to have fans and followers on Discord, those fans are not vital to us and are only emotionally important to us.
From a business perspective our target group is the organizers of the conventions!

And with Syndarella, our artificial intelligence that appears on the projections, we also have a good advertising platform on stage:

We stand out among other music projects thanks to our unique combination of cutting-edge technology and dynamic stage performances.
Our special instrument, the Musitar, is able to play a wide range of instruments and has been integrated into our light show since 2023. Additionally, our AI Syndarella, who appears on our necessary projections, adds an extra layer of visual excitement to our stage performances.

This combination of music and technology has proven to be a hit with convention organizers and has led to our frequent bookings in Britain and beyond.

Our music is a tribute to the limitless universes of science fiction and gaming.


Musitar, Composer, Technican, Coder

Quote: "Hey Syndarella, you are not CLU!
You are infinite!"


Artificial Intelligence, Composer, Singer, Communication

Quote: "Does This Unit Have A Soul? I think so!"

We are inspired by likes of Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner 2049, Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, Warhammer 40,000, The Expanse and countless other classics that have shaped the genre. These stories have captivated us with their futuristic landscapes and complex characters, and our compositions aim to capture the essence of these worlds and convey the same sense of wonder and adventure.

Chris from SYNTHONIE is also a virtual reality expert who specialises in offering VR workshops for schools and universities, as well as businesses and organisations. He has extensive knowledge and experience in VR technology and is passionate about passing on his knowledge to others. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of VR or a seasoned professional looking to expand your skills, Chris' workshops are designed to help you achieve your goals. He is passionate about helping people understand the potential of Virtual Reality and the impact it can have on their business. With his guidance, you can take your VR projects to the next level.

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Our Journey

Update for 2023 coming soon, because we still have problems with emigration to England. We are still looking for support.

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Update 06.04.2023

New Screenshots and Chat here: Discord

Update 19.03.2023

My first track from my first upcoming episode PC game "I AM DIFFERENT".
I will use either variation 1 or 2 for the loading sequence of the first level and I will then add a narrative voice to it.

Since 30.01.2023, I, Chris from SYNTHONIE, have been developing my first computer game: "I am different."
It will be a hide-and-seek and retro-style game inspired by "Half-Life" and "Alien Isolation".

As someone who does not consider myself a 3D designer or developer, I am using "BIMA" to create my game. All assets are open source and mostly come from the packages of "The Game Creators" and the BIMA community. Except the Leveldesign, some Mechanics, the sounds and music is by me.

With Bima I can release my first episode quite quickly, and I don't have to work deeply into Blender, or the well-known engines like Unreal or Unity. It's also my first steps in the game developer world, but I don't want to be there. I want to make music for the games. So that's how I make my own computer game.

Although I am using a first-person shooter world builder, the game is not intended to be a traditional first-person shooter. Rather, it will challenge players to hide and run from enemies in a strange facility, much like in the games that inspired it.

Follow me on Discord for more infomation about my game.

My game will be released in episodes over the course of the next few months for free. While it may not be a masterpiece in terms of graphics or engine, it will showcase my skills in sound and music and my love for Sci-Fi.

It will be released here, as well on and later.

In the game, player wake up on a strange electric chair with no memory of who you are or where you going. If you stay, you will face pain and perhaps even death. To progress through the game, you must hide and run from everyone, and escape from the strange facility.

Here some screenshots:

Virtual Reality

SYNTHONIE is more than just a science fiction and gaming music project!
SYNTHONIE stands for the future, for artificial intelligence in harmony with humanity and the virtual world.

Making music in VR, Traveling in VR, Education in VR, Working with VR, and so much more...

VR Music Workshops

SYNTHONIE teaches in schools and universities how to make music in the Virtual World. Here is a example video where the enthusiastic students do the recording:

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VR Business Workshops

SYNTHONIE gives VR workshops for numerous companies, in which he explains, among other things, what the Metaverse is and why it is still bad.
Why other manufacturers like Steam and 3rd party developers are much better and more developed than Meta. How to use VR glasses like the Meta Quest 2 or the Pico Neo 4 and how to integrate them intelligently into the office system.

Here are some pictures from the workshop at Bonn Digital (April 2022):

(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)
(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)
(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)
(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)
(Copyright: Marc John, GbR Bonn Digital)

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You want our music for your film, commercial, gaming soundtrack or trailer?
Or you would like to book us for a concert?
Well, SYNTHONIE is mainly active at science fiction and gaming conventions, but if you are interested in having a very innovative music project with an AI, special instruments and VR music, you can book us: booking(at)

Here is a example what we compose:

Our Promotion Video:



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