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Our PC-Game - "I AM DIFFERENT (Episode 1)"

"I AM DIFFERENT" is a hide-and-seek and retro-style game inspired by "Half-Life" and "Alien Isolation".

As someone who does not consider himself a 3D designer or developer, I have created a PC game that uses the engine "BIMA (Black Ice Mod Advanced)." All assets are open source and mostly from the packages of "The Game Creators" and the BIMA & FPSC community.
I don't see "I AM DIFFERENT (Ep1)" as a masterpiece in graphics, or gameplay, but it is meant to showcase my skills in sound and music, and my love for sci-fi.

My game is released for free as episodes, and you can find the first episode here:
- Download I AM DIFFERENT (Ep1) from

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Update 04.12.2023

Version 1.22 has been released, and here is a summary (with endlish subtitles) of the livestream with the Youtuber "eiertoaster VR":

Update 11.10.2023

"I AM DIFFEENT" - Game Trailer

Update 06.04.2023

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Update 19.03.2023

My first track from my first upcoming episode PC game "I AM DIFFERENT".
I will use either variation 1 or 2 for the loading sequence of the first level and I will then add a narrative voice to it.

Here some screenshots: